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Our Team

Filip Drozdowski

The originator and CEO of the whole venture, musician. He likes: read, write, listen, fly, explore, play, try, test boundaries, and keep changing his mind. Responsible for the newsletter at

Marianna Czachor

Lady zDzis, a crazy creative and positive character. She is responsible for all the twisted logos you see on our websites. For her other works look at A total fan of yellow Beetles.

Bartek Napieralski

Sound engineer, owner of the recordings studio San Antonio Records, collaborator of C2studio, long-time passionate of the audio industry. Browsing the auction sites is his daily routine. He is responsible for the newsletter at

Bartosz Wiśniewski

Bartek, the court engineer of our cars. An old car enthusiast, can unscrew and screw all the nuts and bolts! Companion of all travels throughout Europe in search of the best cars.

Remik Konkiewicz

Waiting for him to write something about himself ;-) Responsible for newsletter at

Kosma Kurłowicz

Designer and photographer, co-founder of the OneBee graphic microstudio. Explores the possibilities of digital technologies.